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Motivational Lectures

Book Anita Glombik as an event speaker for confident leadership with strong teams for greater success.

Discover the power of inspirational speeches and strengthen your team for tomorrow's challenges.

Anita Glombik's motivational speeches offer inspiration, practical advice and have a positive impact on the development of your employees.


Time: on request
Venue: conferences, corporate events, leadership retreats, trainings and workshops.


Coaching & Training

One-to-one coaching is for all leaders to become strong leaders. To acquire, improve and perfect leadership skills so that you too can shine as a leader.

Each leader is met where he or she is, and together we address the issues that need to be addressed and find solutions to the problems that need to be solved.

Personal, individual and focused!


Time: on request
Location close to you


Consulting & Corporate Culture

Leadership culture shapes the atmosphere and cooperation in any organization. As such, it contributes significantly to employee retention, teamwork, and commitment.

It is therefore important for all business owners and managers to create a positive, appreciative leadership culture. A good leadership culture is characterized by lived values, trustful cooperation, appreciation, and several other points. I help organizations to assess their current leadership culture and take it to the next level for greater employee satisfaction and sustainable success.

Time: on request
Location: at your company

Benefit for your company

Strategies and tips that can be implemented immediately

Increase employee motivation and productivity

Improvement of the corporate culture

Practical guidance for successful change processes

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