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Fundamentals of good leadership

The foundation of successful leadership lies in the competencies of the leader. Openness and continuous personal development are essential aspects of good leadership. Four aspects in particular form the basis of successful leadership practice. Each dimension interacts with and influences the others. Only together do they contribute to a healthy and productive work environment.

is a powerful tool for creating a positive and productive work environment and strengthening team bonding. Appreciation motivates, respects and respects with great effect.

every person has it. Identifying and promoting the individual strengths and talents of employees is a valuable resource in the company.

improves the relationship through understanding. Communication is always a two-way street: active listening is just as important as conveying understandable messages.

is the basis of every healthy and successful interpersonal relationship for effective communication, collaboration and cohesion.

Catch me doing something right

Good managers...

  • Know their employees' birthdays and wish them well in person or with a card.

  • Listen and respond to their employees' problems and know what makes them tick.

  • Take the time to talk to their employees to learn from them, so they feel seen and cared for.

  • Emphasize strengths rather than weaknesses.

  • Say when something has gone well.

Development potential
Development can be a gift


  • is diverse and varies from person to person, from department to department

  • does not necessarily mean a promotion

  • can be deepened with further training measures

  • can be additional motivating tasks

  • promotes loyalty to the company

the be-all and end-all and at the same time the most difficult


  • provides relevant information to the right people at the right time

  • takes place on many levels

  • is much more than an email

  • ensures that the message reaches the recipient

  • avoids jargon

  • It's a two-way street, listening is just as important as speaking

  • doesn't stop with what is said, it continues on a non-verbal level

  • is a means of conflict resolution

you have to give it away and earn it

Good leaders earn trust through

  • empathy

  • authenticity

  • transparent communication

  • critical ability

  • confidentiality

  • responsibility

  • respect

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